Toybox Turbos

Start your engine’s for another naughty dog…

Oops wrong game, but Toybox Turbo does has a very familiar feel. Publisher Codemasters released some fantastic games in the 90s based around the Micro Machines franchise and whilst Turbos doesn’t carry the licence, it has all the charm and fun of its inspiration.

This little slice of retro heaven takes me back to my youth, siting around my Mega Drive playing four player Micro Machines with the family so if nothing else it is the spiritual successor to the series.

Exploding with multiplayer fun, it is at its best when playing at home with friends, though online works very well too. Food and alcohol is a must, especially for those after-pub impromptu gaming sessions. Unfortunately Single player is far too easy and over quickly though.


You race across science labs, pool halls, kitchen tables and more, with tracks full of enough short cuts and obstacles to help you gain advantage over your friends.

The game consists of 35 customisable vehicle’s (You collect coins through the game to buy new vehicles) ranging from taxis, sports cars, buses, ice cream vans and loads more. But don’t forget the power ups, these are what you would expect make the game. Ranging from my favourite, the hammer, to machine guns, mines and other crazy stuff.


What are you waiting for? Download the free demo and relive the glory days of ‘offline’ multiplayer gaming.

Toybox Turbos is available now on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC and cost £11.99.

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Andy Brown • 17th December 2014

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