Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Gamers

It is that time of year again, but what do you buy for the gamer that has everything? Let us help you avoid the high street on Christmas Eve as we give you our top 10 gifts for gamers…


10) Wind Up Space Invaders

What family Christmas is not complete without Wind Up Space Invaders? Well probably many, but these cute toys will provide a different take on Christmas Day Morning.

They are currently available from many outlets including Amazon and will provide hours of entertainment.

GT_SCARF_2014_49) Gametee NES 100% Merino Lambswool Scarf

Based on the classic NES pad colours this chic and sophisticated scarf will keep any gamer warm over the winter months.  Luscious colours and an almost Burberry style design means that the scarf can be worn for any occasion.

Available from Gametee for £17.99, it’s a lovely present for someone looking for something a bit more sophisticated for the gamer in their life.


8) Super Mario Duvet Set

For all those budding plumbers amongst you, Asda currently have a reversible ‘fully licensed’ and ‘exclusive’  single duvet set for sale at £14.00. The design (below) is brash, bold and certainly makes an impact.

There is no word thus far if the set will be eventually made into a Double or King Size option. However, given the price and the wide availability of the set then it would put a smile on any keen Retro Gamer this Christmas.

atari-messenger-bag-packsht-440x4407) Atari Messenger Bag With Japanese Logo

What better way to announce yourself as a hip gamer than by having this bright red Atari Messenger Bag.

Stylish and in the colours of Christmas, this will make a smart addition to anyone’s retro gear.

Available for £29.99 from Funstock

sinclairwomensfittedtshirt-2996-1456) Retro Sinclair Women’s T-Shirt

When being a gamer is not enough, what better present to give to a gamer-girl than a T-shirt celebrating one of the most iconic brands in British gaming.

Available in a pastel blue, it’s smart and sleek and is available through Atomic Threads from £12.99.

p5413_column_grid_125) Gamer Soaps

These Soaps in the style of both retro and modern console game pads are a present that tells your gamer to get clean and to do it with some style and panache.

Available from Firebox from £9.99. The soaps range stretches from NES pads to Xbox One and Playstation 4 pads.


goldeneye-watch4) N64 Golden Eye Watch

Yes, this actually exists! No, it probably wont be with you before Christmas. This watch epitomises many gamers reasons for getting into gaming and would certainly be a hit with anyone who was expecting something a bit different.

Available from several different sellers on ebay, this classic design can be purchased for around £40.00.

61a96AZ4kmL3) Street Fighter Monopoly

This Christmas Day perennial favourite is given a Capcom twist in this Street Fighter Edition. Why settle for rampant cheating and the forgetting of the rules, when you can always ‘Hadoken’ The Banker or whomever is trying to win?

Available from Amazon from around £25 upwards

christmas-jumper-playstation-model2) Sony Playstation Xmas Jumper

Christmas jumpers seem to be making something of a resurgence and why not give the perfect gift of a Sony Playstation Xmas Jumper to make your gamers Xmas day complete. But if Sony is not your thing, they also have Street Fighter and Sonic the Hedgehog themed Jumpers too!

Available from Yellow Bulldog for £34.99, it is available in a variety of sizes.

12661)  Sega Megadrive Megatron

The ultimate boys toy, it’s Megatron who transforms into a Sega Megadrive! It’s the best combination of two retro inspired themes that this reviewer has seen and would sit proud in any gamers collection. Also available in the range  is a Sony Playstation Optimus Prime, for those who want good in their life!

This limited edition toy produced by Takara is available in the UK from prices from £89.99 upwards at a variety of places including Masterforce.

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Andy Brown • 17th December 2014

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