Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Gamers

It is that time of year again, but what do you buy for the gamer that has everything? Let us help you avoid the high street on Christmas Eve as we give you our top 10 gifts for gamers…


Rock Boshers DX: Directors Cut

Queen Victoria has gone to Mars to kick ass and drink tea. She is all out of tea!


Games of Christmas Past 1 – Special Delivery

Help Santa break the picket line and defeat the evil Elf scum. Or something like that.


Super Mario Dances with the Stars

90 second ‘Dancing with the Stars’ routine shows how much of an impact gaming has in popular culture.


Reggae beats and 8bit bleeps

A book about the unexpected and intriguing culture collision between video game culture and reggae/dub.


VIDEO – Docking:
Elite Dangerous

Pilot Training video from Elite Dangerous developer Frontier shows how docking has evolved in the new Elite universe.


2014 Review:
Vote now to win tickets, games & socks!

Cast your votes in the Replay Gamer 2014 awards before Midnight on new years eve and you could win tickets to Play Blackpool, cool PC games or Sonic the Hedgehog socks!!


T’is the Season
(to be disappointed)

A cautionary tale of how one boy’s Christmas disappointment led to forming a lifelong friendship with a small but perfectly formed, rubber clad beauty.


10 PRINT “Type-in listings rule”

A staple part of the computer-owning teenage diet in the 1980s, type-in listings once served as an important gateway for many young programmers.


Xbox One trumps PS4 in bumper month for next-gen consoles

It may have taken a year, but Xbox One has finally notched it’s first monthly victory.

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