Super Mario Dances with the Stars

This video has been doing the rounds on social media for the past week or so following Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas’ appearance in the Finals of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ (the US version of our own Strictly Come Dancing).

Sadie and Mark did not win the competition with the dance but did end up with the perfect score for their routine and finished the show in 2nd place behind eventual winners Alfonso Ribero and Whitney Carson.

The 90 second dance shows how much of an impact gaming currently has in popular culture and with Mario very much in the mainstream these days anything is possible.

One ‘Online Wag’ suggested that Mortal Kombat should be the next game to appear should video games appear again. However this reporter cannot really see Fatalities as being acceptable on what is essentially a family show.

Which video games or themes would the Replay Gamer readership like to see on Dancing With The Stars/ Strictly Come Dancing?

As usual leave your comments below.

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Andy Brown • 15th December 2014

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