Guitar Hero Lives On!

Leaked details on Activation’s changes to the reborn Guitar Hero franchise.


The PewDiePie Game

PewDiePie a youtuber who plays games will now be starring in His own game!


A long walk spoiled? Golf games through time

From stick-men to motion control, a look at golf games from the last century.

twin blast featured

Review: Twin Blast

For a mobile game, it’s awesome and something to pick up every now and again and play for 15 mins on the train etc, it’s amazing. I actually enjoyed playing this a lot!


Sumo Digital – Then and Now (then)

How one of Britain’s flagship developers evolved into one of Britain’s flagship developers.


These ARE the games you’re looking for!

In a galaxy far, far away, Pay what you want charity games scheme Humble Bundle launches it’s latest collection of games.


Pac Man goes life size with Bud Light

Adverts during the Superbowl are big business in the US and often demand multi-million dollar budget, but this year Budweiser have gone old school.


Is Kickstarter bubble bursting?

50% drop in total amount pledged year on year. Does this signal the start of the end for crowd funding games?


Theme Hospital latest EA ‘on the house’ offer

Patients are asked not to die in the corridors.


Apple patents integrated joystick for iPhone

Are Apple looking to solve the smartphone physical controller issue by adding a hidden, spring-loaded joystick?

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