The PewDiePie Game

PewDiePie, the most popular man on youtube today will be starring in his own game. Pewdiepie: The legend of Brofist.

The game follows the main character PewDiePie and his two Pet Pugs in a 2D platformer where they meet recognizable characters associated with PewDiePie such as Stephano, The barrels and of course IlluminatPewdiepiei. Other youtubers he collaborates with such as CinnamonToastKen, Jacksepticeye and Markipl

The game is developed by Outerminds, the creators of Tadpole tap for IOS. The game is expected to launch this summer for IOS and Android platforms.

It has not been stated if the game will be free to play or not but you can purchase moves within the game with an in game currency, for example spending 500 coins will unlock the titular Brofist which will clear the screen of enemies, where as 50 coins gives you a time warp ability slowing down time.

Watch PewDiePie preview the game in the following Video

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Andy Brown • 14th April 2015

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