Is Kickstarter bubble bursting?

50% drop in total amount pledged year on year. Does this signal the start of the end for crowd funding games?


Theme Hospital latest EA ‘on the house’ offer

Patients are asked not to die in the corridors.


Apple patents integrated joystick for iPhone

Are Apple looking to solve the smartphone physical controller issue by adding a hidden, spring-loaded joystick?


Playstation gets original TV show ‘Powers’

10 episodes of superhero crime drama staring Eddie Izzard will air exclusively on PSN.

sbb box small3

Free C64 ‘demake’ of Super Crate Box

Super Bread Box, the acclaimed Commodore 64 demake of Vlambeer’s 2010 indie classic is now available FOR FREE!


Hatred to be first Adults Only rated game to get a release

Controversial murder-em-up becomes second game to receive the Adults Only after the unreleased PS1 title Thrill Kill.

Dying light

Dying Light faces unexpected delays

Physical release of Dying Light will not be hitting shops next Tuesday as originally planned.


Sony puts PS4 on a new year diet

Does Samsung’s mass production of 1GB GDDR5 chips mean we will see the PS4 Slim earlier than expected?


Ubisoft give AC: Unity free DLC

Will free DLC help ease the pain of a difficult few months for one of Ubisoft’s flagship franchises?

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare DLC

It’s a great day for fans of Call of Duty as Havoc, the first of the many DLCs is announced.

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