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Gamescom 2015: Microsoft Xbox summary and trailers

Xbox were first to do their conference at Gamescom this year and they have promised not only backwards compatibility but also full DVR functionality meaning that you can record shows in the background while you play. The DVR recordings can then be watched from any Windows 10 enabled device, such as your PC or mobile…

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Victoria and Albert Museum

V&A Museum seek gamer for new research role

The Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum in London is currently searching for someone with a mind full of video games knowledge to join their team. The museum is advertising for a Research Curator to work on a future exhibition on contemporary video game design, due to open in Summer 2017. The exhibition will “be the…

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over 9000 zombies featured

Review: Over 9000 Zombies!

A more lighthearted take on zombie survival, I’d definitely recommend this title to anyone who appreciates retro games and who doesn’t want to take things too seriously.


Virtual Grand Theft Auto Reality!

Check out a video of GTA running on the Oculus Rift. It looks pretty sweet!


Free SNES/NES Games with Amiibo.

Nintendo’s Skylanders rip off, Amiibo, will soon be giving you free NES and SNES demos relating to the character purchased.


Do Mircosoft want you to kill the planet?

Energy Saving mode could save you enough money to buy more games!


Guitar Hero Lives On!

Leaked details on Activation’s changes to the reborn Guitar Hero franchise.


The PewDiePie Game

PewDiePie a youtuber who plays games will now be starring in His own game!

twin blast featured

Review: Twin Blast

For a mobile game, it’s awesome and something to pick up every now and again and play for 15 mins on the train etc, it’s amazing. I actually enjoyed playing this a lot!


Pac Man goes life size with Bud Light

Adverts during the Superbowl are big business in the US and often demand multi-million dollar budget, but this year Budweiser have gone old school.

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