Playstation gets original TV show ‘Powers’

March 10 will see the premier of Powers, a new superhero crime drama exclusive to Playstation Network. The first episode will be available to anyone with access to PSN, however the remain shows in the 10 episode first season will be broadcast to PS+ subscribers only.

Based on the comic book series of the same name the show features a number of heroes and villains with cool names like Retro Girl, Johnny Royalle and Big Bad Wolfe (played by comedian Eddie Izzard!). With superheroes and supervillains common in their world, detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim investigate cases in a special homicide division called Powers.

Microsoft are also aiming to get a slice of the original TV programming market with a live action Halo TV series due later this year. However, the prelude to the TV series, Nightfall, received a very mixed response when the  aired in late 2014.

TV subscription services Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have fared much better with their own original shows however, so Sony will be hoping for big things from Powers.

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Andy Brown • 21st January 2015

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