Pac Man gets his own Restaurant

Namco are getting into the restaurant business with the world’s first Pac Man themed eatery opening next year in Chicago.

The restaurant’s name, Level 257, is an unobtainable stage in the game due to the famous ‘kill screen’ appearing on level 256.

David Bishop, executive vice bigwig of strategic project development(!) explained “there’s obviously a game component. It’s playing off the nostalgia of Pac-Man. The idea is that it’s OK to have fun as an adult while you’re having a good meal.”

As well as a Pac themed menu, Level 257 will feature a 16 lane boutique bowling alley, table tennis, pinball machines and a video games parlor with original arcades alongside new titles.

If you happen to be in the area, Level 257 are hiring too. There is no word yet on wether staff will be forced to wear giant Pac Man heads as part of their uniform!


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Andy Brown • 18th December 2014

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