Sony puts PS4 on a new year diet

When the PS4 and the Xbox One was revealed in late 2013 know one could really anticipate which one of consoles would be successful. However on release  it was the PS4 that stormed in front and all the way through 2014 it repeatedly trounced the Xbox One in terms of sales. In an attempt to regain a foothold Microsoft announced that they would reduce the price of the Xbox One, which worked a treat and saw sales in November and December surpass those of the PS4.

Sony were obviously none too pleased and are rumoured ti be hitting back with an early release of their planned PS4 slim. According to GAMEPUR, Samsung’s mass production of 1GB GDDR5 chips could mean we will see the updated PS4 as early as this years E3 conference.

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Andy Brown • 16th January 2015

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