Free SNES/NES Games with Amiibo.

Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS Amiibo’s, the little figures of Nintendo characters are getting a new feature. Basically a rip- off Skylanders, Amiibo are planning a new feature where with each character you get a free Retro game from the NES or SNES.

Once you purchase the Amiibo and you put it on the Wii U you can then tap the character and it will add in a stage from a relevant retro game.

imagesThis could be a great feature as it adds something more to the Figures. The games are a nice small add on which gamers from the new generation may be drawn in and see something new and the older generation of gamers may get a nostalgia trip when seeing Retro games from when they were younger.


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Andy Brown • 16th April 2015

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